Table Tent Printing Ideas

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Since table tents are typically used in open areas where large groups of people gather, it is important for your table tent to grab their attention. Most always seen on restaurant tables or mall food court tables, table tents are great for getting information to future consumers quickly. When people sit down to eat, they usually glance at the table tents on the table.

To ensure you get a return on your table tent marketing, use a catchy phrase or an interesting image to first get the customer’s attention. Once you have their attention, you can concentrate on including only the most important information on your custom table tent. Use one side for an image and opening quote, and on the other side of the table tent, include your businesses name, logo and contact information.

If your table tent is advertising an event or concert, be sure to include time, date and location so your customers do not have to search for the information elsewhere. Advertising new products or services on your table tents? Make the customer want to come in your store after they see your custom table tent.

Many restaurants use table tent printing to advertise new menu items or specialty drinks and desserts. This is a great way to feature certain items, especially if they are only available for a limited time.

Take advantage of Copy Craft’s many different table tent customization options. Choose from a wide variety of size, color and stock options, then add something extra with our specialty die cut options.

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