Large Format Poster Printing Ideas

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Posters are great for grabbing customer’s attention! Make the most of your large format poster campaign by following a few simple guidelines.

Unless your large format poster is going to be somewhere where the viewer is static, keep the amount of information to a minimum. Undoubtedly you will want to include all your business contact information (company name, phone number, Web site address, etc.), but do not put too much information on your poster than can be read in a short amount of time. Most large format posters are used in places where people are constantly moving, so you want get out the most information possible in fewer words.

Custom large format posters should use full color images to make them stand out against their background. Black and white posters are visually boring and not appealing for the eye, while posters that are full of bright, vibrant colors tend to draw attention.

Use captivating sayings or quotes to make a statement with your large format poster. Quotes connect your business with customers, making your marketing a success. Make your custom print poster very to increase your response and conversion rates.

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