The USPS is implementing new tabbing regulations on booklets Effective September 8, 2009.
Below are is the listing of affected booklet sizes and diagrams of sizes and tabbing positions.

Booklets consist of bound sheets or pages. Binding methods that are compatible with machinable processing include perfect binding, permanent fastening with at least two staples in the manufacturing fold (saddle stitched), pressed glue, or another binding method that creates a nearly uniformly thick mailpiece. Spiral bindings are not machinable so booklets prepared with spiral bindings do not qualify for automation prices. Large booklets may be folded to letter-size for mailing if the final mailpiece remains uniform in thickness. Comprehensive documentation of this new regulation has been made available by the USPS and in PDF format. CLICK HERE to download PDF.

booklet width booklet height
5.5'' 8.5''
6'' 9''
8.5'' 5.5''
9'' 6''
8.5'' 11''
The above size booklets which have a glued or stitched spine will be effected by the new regulations. Below is a diagram showing the effected size booklets and spine positions. The 8.5x11 booklet will only be effected if it is folded in half to 5.5x8.5.
diagram of booklet sizes effected by new USPS tabbing regulations on Sept. 8,2009
The above sized booklets will require 3 tabs to meet bulk mail qualifications. The positioning of the tabs is shown in the below diagram. The left image represents booklets with a spine on the short edge. The right image represents booklets with a spine on the long edge -- this includes the 8.5x11 when folded in half.
diagram of new tab positions effected by new USPS regulations on booklets - effective September 8, 2009
  • Prior to these new regulations tabbing was done inline when inkjet addressing; the new regulations and positioning of tabs do not allow for inline tabbing. Booklets which are affected by this new regulation will be subject to additional tabbing fees.
    **The additional charges can be found on our mailing services rate chart at

  • In some instances, rather than folding and being required to apply three tabs, the 8.5x11 booklet could be less expensive to not fold and mail at flat rates.

  • If the final size of your booklet is not listed in the above sizes, please double check with your sales representative to ensure it is not affected by the new regulations. For additional information or to discuss the best method of mailing your booklets please contact your sales representative.